Dealing with billing can be a time consuming hassle. We have services to make customer life easier.

We can present your bill at no charge via email. The email contains a quick summary of amounts along with an attached PDF containing the full invoice so you do not have to login to our portal the invoice is right there. A small fee may apply if you require a paper invoice mailed to you.

We automatically email you whenever we post a payment to your account.

You can access a record of your invoices, payments and pay online using our portals EONI and PriorityONE. Please contact us so we can set up this access for you.

We encourage all customers to use our auto pay service to allow you to arrange a payment method (withdrawal from a checking account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards) and the day of the month to process the payment for the current balance. This saves time and effort gathering the invoice, envelope, stamp, pen and your check to mail to us. Your payment processes on time automatically so you do not have to think about remembering to send your payment.

Your bank may offer a free bill paying service where you can request a check be sent by your bank to EONI that also saves envelope, check and stamp.

You can call us at 541-962-7873 Monday-Friday 9am-530pm to make a payment by phone.

You can drop off payments in an envelope to our drop slot at our office at 216 Chestnut St, La Grande OR anytime day or night.