Because EONI / PriorityONE was acquired by Ziply Fiber some analog voice phone services served on our Adtran systems were migrated in February 2024, to the Ziply Fiber voice network.  

Telemarketing Do Not Disturb service  
For customers that have utilized the Telemarketing Do Not Disturb service (where callers are required to press 1 to complete the call), this will no longer be available as a feature available with the Ziply Fiber phone network. Ziply Fiber instead uses a detection system to try to filter out robocalls and spam and notify when a call is Potential Spam. 

For customers with Caller ID service 
Now your Caller ID will automatically alert you to robocalls and spam before you pick up the phone. No more wondering about a number you don’t recognize. 

When your Digital Phone service detects a robocall or fraudulent call, you’ll see Potential Spam on your Caller ID display. You can decide whether to answer the call.   
The Potential Spam warning and Caller ID services are available at no added cost. 

The National Do Not Call Registry   

The Do Not Call Registry lets you register your home or mobile phone number for free. It’s backed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. And the registration never expires. 

Go to and click Register Your Phone. You can register up to three different phone numbers. Enter your email address, then reply to the verification email when you receive it. 

The Registry will not block calls from charities, political calls, surveys and information calls. It will not block calls from a company or organization that has a relationship with you. To stop calls from any of these companies or groups, you must ask them to take you off their list. They are required to honor your request. 

Although your phone services will now be provided though Ziply Fiber your account, billing and support will remain with EONI / PriorityONE.