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Our goal is to always provide reliable phone service. Please review this guide carefully to make sure you understand the limitations to phone services provides by EONI and PriorityONE Telecommunications.

EONI and PriorityONE phone service may use a form of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to deliver phone service. VoIP services can be used from virtually any Internet connection anywhere, which raises potential challenges for callers during electrical power outages and for the emergency services community in determining the location from which a 911 call has originated.  Our VoIP service is not intended to be a nomadic service that you can move from location to location.  

You should be aware that: 

  • VoIP 911 calls may not connect to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), or may improperly ring to the administrative line of the PSAP, which may not be staffed after hours or by trained 911 operators. 
  • VoIP 911 calls may correctly connect to the PSAP, but not automatically transmit the user’s phone number and/or location information. 
  • VoIP customers need to provide location or other information to EONI and update this information if they change locations for their VoIP 911 service to function properly. 
  • VoIP service may not work during a power outage or when the Internet connection fails or becomes overloaded. 
  • Fax machines may or may not work over VoIP.  Many fax machines do but some do not.  Please contact EONI customer service for more details.
  • Additionally, VoIP service does not work reliably with some devices and should not be used with these devices. Examples of these devices include: alarm systems; medical alert  devices; cardiac pacemaker monitoring services; credit card machines* and other devices that require on a traditional analog phone line. If you use or plan to use one of these devices or services, you should have a standard, traditional telephone line & service or extensively test to confirm VoIP is working properly with your devices.  Many of these devices support connections to the Internet which work better than traditional telephone service.

Tips for subscribers to VoIP services 

If you have or are thinking of subscribing to VoIP service, you should: 

  • Provide your accurate physical address to EONI customer service to ensure that emergency services can quickly be dispatched to your location. 
  • Contact EONI customer service to update your local address and promptly update address information in the event of a change. 
  • Confirm your service address is correct by calling from your VoIP phone to 541-958-0933 to reach our automatic 911 address verification service. If this test shows an incorrect or missing address please contact EONI immediately.
  • Have a clear understanding of any limitations of your 911 service. 
  • Inform children, babysitters and visitors about your VoIP service and its 911 limitations,  if any. 
  • If your power is out or your Internet connection is down, be aware that your VoIP service  may not work. Consider installing, testing and maintaining a backup power supply, maintaining a traditional phone line with another provider or having a mobile phone as a backup. Test your phone with the power disconnected to confirm your service works as expected.
  • If you have questions about whether the phone service you are receiving is an interconnected VoIP service, contact EONI customer service at 541-962-7873 for further information.
  • PSAPs may lack the technical capability to receive texts, photos and video.

*Newer credit card processing devices and satellite TV receivers can utilize Internet connections just like your  computer. These work faster and are a significant improvement over the older devices that used “dial up” voice lines.  

EONI Digital Voice service is provided by PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. is authorized to provide telecommunications services in Oregon by the Oregon Public Utility Commission. PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of EONI.