Your actual speeds you experience on your devices may vary for various reasons. Please read this article to understand those reasons.

EONI fiber plans offering up to 1000 megabits download and up to 1000 megabits upload are also referred to as gigabit plans. 1000 megabits = 1 gigabit. EONI services are advertised in bits not bytes.

EONI recommends customers use a web browser to visit if they want to test their Internet service performance. Other speed test sites may provide test results that are accurate and some sites may not provide accurate test results. Other speed test sites may have variable performance as those sites can have variations in their performance between their servers and their Internet connection.

Some customer devices are not able to run a speed test and obtain the full speed your plan allows. Older devices usually run slower. Wireless connections tend to be slower than wired (Ethernet cable) connections. Testing while using some wireless extenders may be slower.

Some devices support wired and wireless Internet connections. We recommend that you only use one connection at a time. Connecting to both wired and wireless Internet connections at the same time may cause degraded performance. Use a wired connection for best performance.

Currently newer wireless devices with newer basic wireless routers manufactured in the past 2 years are able to experience 200-400 megabit speed test results to the device. Older devices and older routers may also limit performance. The highest speeds occur using wired (Ethernet cable) connections to the customer router. High performance devices may see 700-940 megabit speed test results.

Standard TCP/IP communications protocols including Ethernet, PPP, IP and TCP include overhead that is required to communicate that is not measured in the speed test. This overhead would keep a single device speed test from ever showing a value equal to our more than 1000 megabit down and 1000 megabit up.

Some devices may be downloading updates, doing backups or otherwise utilizing the Internet without the customer being aware such activities are occurring.

Most customers have more than one device connected to the router sharing the EONI fiber Internet connection.

EONI customers are normally sharing a limited amount of capacity to a given service area. EONI measures network performance to confirm satisfactory service performance.

Speeds are normally not guaranteed and are a best effort.