• Reboot, restart and reset are not the same things
  • Your EONI services use equipment that has special custom settings required to enable the delivery of your services. Pressing the reset button erases these settings.
  • In case you do not want to read any further please know never, EVER press the reset button.
  • Restart, reboot and power cycle do mean the same thing at EONI.
    Restart is as simple as disconnect the power for 60 seconds and then reconnect the power.
    If you have a power strip with all of your Internet equipment on it it may be much easier to turn off the power strip switch. wait 60 seconds and then turn on the power strip switch.
  • Reset: means to press the reset button. Usually you cannot press the reset button accidently with your finger. Most reset buttons require a paperclip to press the reset button.
    Please never, EVER press this reset button.
    Recovery from a reset button press can take 45-60 minutes of complex talking on the phone or may require a billable scheduled service call.