1. Click the Tools menu
  2. Click Accounts then Add An Account
  3. Click on E-Mail Account
  4. Type your email address in the E-Mail address field
  5. Type your Password in the password field
  6. Type your Full Email Address in the User Name field
  7. Verify that Type is selected as IMAP
  8. Type in the following for the Incoming server: mail.eoni.com
  9. Check mark Override default port and Use SSL to Connect
  10. Set the incoming port to 993
  11. Type in the following for Outgoing server: mail.eoni.com
  12. Check Override default port under the outgoing server section
  13. Type 587 in the box after the outgoing server field
  14. Verify that Use SSL to Connect is selected
  15. Press More Options
  16. Verify that Use Incoming server info is selected
  17. Click Ok
  18. Click on Add Account