EONI wants you to have the safest and most secure experience with your eoni.com email service. This article outlines things you should know to be as safe and secure as possible.

EONI will never send you an email to tell you to click a link to activate your email, open a voice message, reset your quota, reset your account, update something, release held messages or keep your email account working. Other signs an email claiming to be from EONI is suspicious:

  • the message was found in your spam folder
  • the From: address may say their name is something official or sounding important from EONI but the actual From: address does not end in eoni.com

Always contact EONI before taking action on any message you have never seen before no matter how official or authentic it appears.

Do not reply to spam you will not get the spam sender to change anything by replying, it usually encourages further bad behavior or let’s the spammer know they have your attention.

Do not click unsubscribe links when you do not know the sender as the unsubscribe may signal more spam to be sent as you responded in some way to the spam message.

Here is an example of a carefully crafted fake (also known as phishing) email:

Note the from line: xavvcaEoni@authentisign.com does not end with eoni.com
If you did click the listen now link the web page you see this official looking web site:
https://voice-record.cloudns.cl/ and this does not end with eoni.com either

Some bad emails even make web pages that look like EONI web services but are not, such as the following example:

This fake site even uses a secure connection…but none of the certificates have nothing to do with EONI:

If you have any doubt never take action on emails like this.
Contact us first at 541-962-7873 or forward the email to support@eoni.com
If you mistakenly did click something you are now questioning if it was the right thing to do, please contact us immediately so we can start by changing your password to secure your account. You will likely find emails in your inbox or your spam folder that are trying very carefully to appear to be authentic emails from EONI instructing you to take action that may cause considerable problems for you.

EONI supports and highly recommends encryption for all communications between your device and the eoni.com email server. Using plain text or unencrypted methods are not recommended and may be disabled in the future.

The eoni.com email server attempts to encrypt all communications between our server and all other servers we send to or receive from.

Your email account can be accessed using the built in email/mail apps on various mobile devices. We recommend for these devices you always use IMAP to retrieve your email. For Android devices use the settings here for manual setup. For Apple devices click here for automatic setup.

If you are using a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox to access your email we call this method webmail. We do not recommend you use webmail on your mobile devices. The mail apps on your mobile devices are usually a much faster and easier experience.

Some settings such as spam filter settings, setting up email forwarding and choosing which countries you can access your email account from are all in webmail settings.

Before you provide your email address or your password on a site that looks like it is EONI webmail you can be sure you are really on the real EONI webmail by looking at the URL or address bar to make sure you see mail.eoni.com you should also click the padlock icon and then view certificate to confirm the certificate common name or issued to shows *.eoni.com

This is how the padlock looks in Chrome browser:

Clicking the padlock on Chrome and then clicking certificate brings up a window like this:

Here you see issued to *.eoni.com
in the future the valid dates may be later than those shown.

For Firefox clicking the padlock you see:

Clicking the arrow pointing to the right of “Connection secure” brings up this:

click “More Information” then “View Certificate” to see this:

Here you see common name as *.eoni.com
in the future the valid dates may be later than those shown.

Please note this article was written in 2021 so the dates on the certificates reflect current dates at that time.