These instructions show you how to setup your email using the standard built-in Apple Mail app on the iPhone or iPad device. The Mail app usually works much better than using your web browser on your device (like Safari, Chrome, etc) to access your EONI email.

Please read all of these instructions before you proceed to click the link below.  You may find it much easier to follow these instructions on paper or on another screen as you will not be able to see these instructions on your device easily and follow along.

Your Mail app can access more than one email account. This means you can have EONI, Gmail, Yahoo and others all on the same device at the same time.  

  1. From your device click Safari 
    (the icon looks like a compass, this does not work with Chrome or other browsers)
  2. browse to:
    If the link above does not open a form confirm you have a working mobile data service or WiFi with a strong signal and try again.
  3. You should see a form with 2 questions:

    Name / Profile Name:  Type your first and last name as you want it to appear on emails you send. 

    Email Address: Type your complete email address here

  4. Click Download Setup
  5. Depending on the version of your Apple software:

    On newer devices you will need to open your Settings app on your device and then tap “Profile Downloaded” or “Enroll…”
    (Apple support article)

    On older devices your device Settings app may open automatically, then you click Install.
  6. You may be prompted for your passcode you use to unlock your device.
  7. Next you may see Install Profile.  Click Install
  8. Now you are prompted by your Apple device for your EONI email account password by your device.  Enter your password carefully and click Next.  If your password is verified to be correct you should see “Profile Installed”.  Click Done.
  9. You may next see Safari again with the same form as before.  Press your device home button. 
  10. Look at your screen of icons and click the app named: Mail
  11. Your folder in the device Mail app called Junk contains what you see if you login to EONI web mail and click the Spam folder.
  12. This automatic configuration sets your device to use IMAP, leaving the email on server with incoming and outgoing email servers setup to use encryption to provide our best security to protect your password and communications between our device and the EONI email server.
  13. To adjust your your spam filter, setup email forwarding you will need to use EONI web mail.