The following instructions are for voice mail typically used with a business using Yealink or Polycom desk phones. For basic home voice mail click here.

My extension _________ My password _________ 

Your voice mail has an ID (which is your extension) and a password.  

You are encouraged to record a greeting as soon as possible to help callers know they have reached the correct person or department.  

You can record up to 9 different greetings and select which of the greetings to play to callers without having to re-record the greeting.  You will need to keep a note of what you say on each of your greetings numbered 1-9. It is recommended that your normal/default greeting be greeting number 1 for to get started.  You could consider using: 2 when you are on vacation, 3 when you have special temporary announcements, 4 if have temporary work schedule change, etc.

Voice mail can be accessed using your normal desk phone.  Also you may optionally have a copy of voice mail audio recordings sent to your email. If you listen to a voice mail in your email the voice mail message will still be treated as a new voice mail on the desk phone.  

To initially access your voice mail, update your greeting or change your password you should  use your desk phone.  

Your initial voice mail password is _____,  you will need to change your password immediately.

How to access your voice mail using your assigned desk phone:

  1. Press the button on your desk phone the looks like a paper envelope
  2. You will hear “please enter your password followed by pound”
  3. Dial your password and press #
  4. If you have new messages to listen to the system will announce the number of messages and how to hear the messages.
  5. If you want to setup your voice mail greeting, record your name or change your password press 5 (for advanced options)

If you need to any voice mail box from any phone in your organization

  1. dial *98#
  2. You will be prompted for your ID (which is your extension) followed by #
  3. You will be prompted for your password followed by #

If you need to access voice mail from outside your organization call your organization ask to be transferred to your extension when you hear your voice mail greeting press * to access your voice mail.  You can also have us add an option to add a phone number or add voice mail access to one of your existing menus.

Voice mail messages can also be delivered to your email.