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  1. If you have non-urgent technical problems, questions or need to make changes to the phone system please send an email to
  2. If you have an urgent technical issue please call 541-962-6363 
  3. If you have billing questions please call 541-962-7873 or email

Self Service

Phones not ringing properly?

Confirm do not disturb (DND) is off.  This is a common problem on both Yealink and Polycom phones.  Normally this button is labeled DND on the bottom row of the phone display, usually 3rd button from the left on both Yealink and Polycom.  Press the DND button to toggle DND on or off.

Is your phone acting strange?

Sometimes a phone simply needs a reboot to get the phone working again.  It may take 3-5 minutes for a phone to reboot and become fully operational.  Reboot should not be a common occurrence. If you are rebooting your phones routinely, please contact us.

  1. Yealink phones
    Press and hold the button with the X (below the arrows) a few seconds (about 3) until a reboot message appears on screen with CANCEL or OK.  Press OK and wait 3 minutes and see if the phone shows registered on the Fusion status page. DO NOT PRESS AND HOLD the OK button as this will ask if you want to factory reset the entire phone.
  2. Polycom phones
    Press and hold 1 and 0 and 3 all at the same time a few seconds (about 3) until a reboot message appears on screen.  The phone will proceed to reboot without further action required.

Moving your phone?

If you are moving to a new office or swapping offices with someone be sure and move your phone with you.  Before you move be sure your new office has the appropriate network connectivity and your cords are long enough.

Email to Voicemail not working?

Sometimes spam filters or email settings move the emails with voice mail messages attached out of sight.  Try searching for to find emails with voice mail messages in your emails.

Please save, print and distribute these instructions to your internal organization as necessary.

Normally customers with more than 10 phones should not have each phone user contact EONI for support or to request changes.  The designated single point of contact (SPOC) should be the person or group who engages EONI support.