IVR is also known as an Auto Attendant.

Requirements to create your recording:

  1. Recording password
  2. Recording ID
  3. Your script of what to say in the recording
  4. A list of each option the caller will dial and where the caller should be connected when that option is dialed

Steps to setup your recording (read all before proceeding):

  1. create a new document, copy and paste all of these instructions into that document
  2. save this document somewhere you can easily find it so you or other authorized users can be able to access this document in the future
  3. edit the document with the script that will be recorded and played to callers and edit your “dialed menu options” below
  4. choose a quiet room with a one of your business phone system phones to make the recording
  5. at the bottom of the script say where each number the caller presses should be sent (to an extension, ring group, specific voice mail, other phone number, cell phone etc)
  6. from your business phone extension dial *732#
  7. you will hear: password
  8. dial: your Recording password #
  9. you will hear: ID 
  10. dial recording ID #
  11. Place a finger near the # button but do not press it until you are finished speaking your recording
  12. You will hear: recording started
  13. Speak your recording script (replace the following red text with your own, smiling while you speak actually makes your greeting sound more friendly and positive)

Thank you for calling ABC Company

We know you secretly live to push people’s buttons so we are going to ask you to push a few of ours (timbuk2.com says something like this)

If we owe you money press 1

If you owe us money… 2

For the on call… 3

Or to leave a message please hold

Press # when finished speaking

Your recording will be played back

Press 1 to save, call will automatically hangup

Press 2 to re-record, you will be prompted for the ID number again

If caller dials Where should the caller be transferred to?  Please include the 10 digit phone number or 3 digit extension for each option you have on your menu next to the numbered options you need setup below.  You do not have to use all the dialed menu options, just list the ones you use.  

If you want to make it so you do not have to speak phone numbers in your recording you can assign a dialed menu option to that number then let the system transfer the caller to that number.  This makes it is for the caller so the caller does not have to note the phone number you are inviting them to dial.

Dialed Menu Option Where the caller should be transferred to
1Extension 123 (replace this with what you need)
2Extension 456 (replace this with what you need)
3Extension 789 (replace this with what you need)
4Outbound 541963XXXX (replace this with what you need)
5Outbound 541426XXXX (replace this with what you need)

if the caller dials nothing we can send the call to where dialing 0 goes to, hangup or transfer the caller to another number.

After the recording has been recorded email the script document to hpbx@eoni.com to have EONI create the menu, associate your recording and map the menu buttons the caller will dial

Do your menu need to work differently day time vs night time?  If so, we may need to have 2 different IVR menus for the different times.